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Altuntaş A.Ş. was founded in Aksaray, Turkey, in 1981and entered the world of business as a manufacturer of poultry cages. In addition to poultry cages, Altuntaş A.Ş. became the first company in Turkey to produce axial fans with ALFAN brand in 1993. In course of time, through increasing knowledge and experience Altuntaş A.Ş. founded OBIAL for manufacturing grain storage steel silos. Altuntaş A.Ş. has a solid place among leading companies concerning international platform for having the principles such as high quality production and aftersales customer service and has been making great strides towards the highest place. The manufacturing facilities have continuously been being developed technologically and enlarged as product range expands. Current manufacturing facilities covers 40000 square meters of enclosed area built on 1050000 square meters open territory.

Altuntaş A.Ş. has been the exporting leader of Aksaray province for exporting more than 65 countries since 1994. Embracing the concept of high quality production and service, ALFAN brand for and OBIAL for steel grain storage silos ventilation systems represent Turkey successfully to the world..

The quality management system of Altuntaş A.Ş. is certified with TS EN ISO 9001. The company’s quality management efficiency and continuity are supported by the R&D department operation.

Altuntaş A.Ş. investment and product quality has reached a level which meets the needs of the domestic market and act as an instrument preventing foreign currency outflow and being a relevant economic actor for inflow of foreign currency. Altuntaş A.Ş. is now the leading export company and income tax contributor within Aksaray Province boundaries.

Altuntaş A.Ş. pursues its activities with the will and the energy of its founding time for the best representation of Aksaray dwellers and the country.

Altuntaş A.Ş. has been successful and still continues rising unceasingly for having these working principles:

  • Quality management
  • Excellent production
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Aftersales service
  • Staff training
  • Non-stop development