1270 (50") Type Ventilation Fan

  • In all closed areas having ventilation problems.
  • For ventilating and cooling of poultry farms.
  • For ventilating and cooling of poultry farms.
  • For ventilating and cooling green houses
  • For clearing away the gas, smoke, dust, odour, etc. in factries, workshops and similar places.
FAN MODEL Weight (kg) Blades Material Motor Power (HP) AIR FLOW m3 / h-PA
Product Number Product Code Blades Diameter 0 PA 10 PA 20 PA 30 PA 40 PA
1 F1A1 50" 54 Aliminium 1,5 42980 40890 38380 35975 33530
2 F1S1 50" 57 Stainless Steel Iron 1,5 41970 39760 37670 35350 32830
3 F1G1 50" 57 Galvanized 1,5 41970 39760 37670 35350 32830
4 F1A2 50" 53.5 Aliminium 1,0 38390 35650 32880 29620 26590
5 F1S2 50" 55 Stainless Steel Iron 1,0 37450 34970 32150 29360 25950
6 F1G2 50" 55 Galvanized 1,0 37450 34870 32150 29360 25950



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    • High Efficiency Motors
    • IE2 - IE3 - IE4

ALFAN produces the following types of high capacity fans: 560 (22’’), 660 (26’’), 760 (30’’), and 1270 (50’’).

Beside the fans, shutters and blades are also produced due to request of customer.

Fan shutters can easily be assembled and disassembled. Therefore the shutters are mobie and it is convenient to clean inside the fan.

All ALFAN cooling ventilation fan bodies are produced from galvanized steel sheet. For the blades ALFAN offers three types such as; special aluminum alloy, stainless steel and galvanized steel sheet. All blade types have special curvature for obtaining high efficiency and strength.

  • Aluminum Blades: These blades are produced from special aluminum alloy and have 2 mm. thickness.
  • Stainless Steel Sheet Blades: These blades are produced from either 304 quality or 403 quality stainless steel sheet and have 1 mm. thickness.
  • Galvanized Steel Sheet Blades: These blades are produced from galvanized steel sheet and have 1 mm. thickness.

Opening System of Fan Shutters

There are three types of shutter opening system:

  • Shutters open by centrifugal force which is convertes to direct mechanical force by the revolution of blades.
  • The shutters are balanced by extraweights assembled to the shutters. Centrifugal force is created by the revolution of blades and shutters open by this centrifugal force and close by the help of extra weight.
  • The shutters are operated by air pressure or air suction system. Fans which are assembled with this system are very convenient and since the shutters are mobile to clean inside the fan is easy.

Operating system of The Fans

It works by a motor-belt-pulley system adn operates silently. The pulley is made from cast aluminum and bearing used on the blade side has an extraordinary design to extend the operating life of the fan.

The circle frame is made of galvanized steel sheet. The shutters stay open during the operation of the fan and close when the fan ceases.

The protection grill (wire mesh) is at the back of the fans and made from special wire. The fan is mounted to the wall by fixing the screws on the external frame of the fan.

Belt Tightening System

The belt of axial fan which works by the “motor-belt-pulley” system can become loose in course of time. To only way to prevent such a loose is to equip a tightening instrument. This way the capacity of the fan will not reduce and the belt will not wear out.

To arrange necessary tightness in axial fans with the help of present technologies requires axtra time and labour. But with the help of “belt tightening system” which is developed by ALFAN takes only 10-15 seconds to arrange the tightness of the belt of the ventilator with using butterfly nut and bolt which are located near the instrument.

The working principle of “alfan” belt tightening system is: tightening instrument moves the nut in the axial direction. This way the belt gets the necessary tightness.

Ventilation Fans

  • 1270 (50") Type Ventilation Fans
  • 760 (30") Type Ventilation Fans
  • 660 (26") Type Ventilation Fans
  • 560 (22") Type Ventilation Fans